Company Secretaries in India

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Company Secretaries in India

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The role and responsibility of Company Secretary have been enhanced considerably, after the Companies Act 2013. Company Secretary is a key managerial individual in an organization, responsible for ensuring effective administration of the organization and certifying the organization's compliance with the provision of the Company's Act.

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The role played by a Company Secretary in an organization is very important. A CS not only acts as a mediator between the board of companies and various stakeholders, government and other regulatory authorities, but they also carry out duties such as endorsing legal requirements, maintaining important records communicating with various officials, responding to board correspondences and much more. A CS performs a complex and multifaceted roles in a company. They also communicate with the outside world, on behalf of the organization, apart from being a link between the board and the shareholders. Company Secretary is also responsible for handling all the important correspondence that takes place between the board and its members

The company secretary enjoys certain powers, one of them is, the companies law allows the Secretary to sign statutory applications and returns. The Company Secretary's rights depend on the term of their contract with the company. They do not enjoy any special rights under Companies Law.

Below mentioned are some of the duties undertaken by the Company Secretary:

1) They make sure that the statutory forms are filled promptly.

2) They provide the members and auditors with meeting notice

3) They also supply a copy of the accounts to each and every member of the organization, all the debenture holder, and every individual who is entitled to receive the notice of the general meetings. They also send annual audited accounts.

4) They make sure that individuals entitled to do so, can inspect companies' record. For example, members of the organizations are entitled to a copy of the organization's register of members, and to inspect the minutes of the meetings and also to have copies of these minutes of the meeting.

5) The Companies are required to have a common seal and the company secretary is usually responsible for its custody and use.

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