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Find the best professionals with deep profiles for your Legal, Taxation & Statutory related needs.


After you have found the relevant profile, you can speak to the lawyer, chartered accountant or company secretary directly. We do not charge you anything for speaking to the professional of your choice.

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Manage Appointment

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Professionals in India

Best Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries in India are on LACACO.
Professionals are registered on LACACO after proper verification of their profiles and certificates.


The mission of LACACO is quite simple, "Connecting people with Best Professionals out there".

All Corporate and individuals need expert and knowledgeable Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries very frequently. References! That's it, the only means for such Individuals and Corporate to find an expert Lawyer, Chartered Accountant, and Company Secretary.

LACACO is an interactive online platform, that makes it easier and faster to discover, consult and hire the Best professionals in India. One can hire Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretary in India all under one roof because you deserve access to professional advice from the best professionals out there. We list professionals based on- Expertise, Experience, Availability, and Fees. We here at LACACO, are on a mission to provide you a hassle-free experience when you are looking out for lawyers, chartered accountants and company secretaries in India, you can also find area specific professionals here at LACACO. The Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, and Company Secretaries in India on LACACO are registered only after proper verification of their profiles and certificates.

We at LACACO believe that people should be well informed about expert professionals around to do their job. We create opportunities for young, talented and aspiring professionals to showcase their professional skills and help them evolve and flourish in the professional world. LACACO also harness technology to bridge the gap of information that individuals need while engaging the professionals. We also showcase the goodwill of the professionals, which helps in building the confidence of their potential clients.

We also have ratings, reviews, and recommendations section for individuals who have already availed service of professionals listed on LACACO, as it is believed by us that the consumers are the best judge.

How LACACO works?

Well, this is as easy as humming 1-2-3.

You can find professionals with a deep understanding of your legal, taxation and Statutory related needs.

So, after you have found the professional with the relevant profile, you can speak to the chartered accountant, company secretary or lawyer directly. LACACO does not charge a single penny from you, for speaking with the professional you feel is perfect for your Legal, Taxation and Statutory related needs.

After you have made the choice, you can book and manage your appointment with the professional of your choice and we make sure that you are well informed and reminded about the appointment.

Professional Advice- When and How you need it!

LACACO has a database of some top notched Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries in India, who can provide you with practical advice and help. We have Lawyers who are proficient in Criminal Cases, Will Preparation, Family Disputes, Civil Matters, Solicitor, Bail, Succession Certificate, Harassment Case, Cheque Bounce Cases, Appeals in High Court, Surety, Testamentary Advice, Dowry Case, commercial Dispute, Council in High Court, FIR, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Arbitration and High Court. We also have Chartered Accountants who are experts in Audit Services, Stock Audit, IT Audit, Accounting Services, Licensing, Statutory Audit and Tax Audit, Internal Audit, CA Certification, Tax Compliance Services, Shop Act License, Bank Audit, Special Audit, 15 CB, Payroll Services, TDS Compliance, Co-operative Audit, Forensic Audit, VAT Audit, Routine Compliance, and Service Tax, and Company Secretaries Expert in Incorporation and Routine Compliance, FEMA and RBI Compliance, Due Diligence, International Laws, Capital Marketing and SEBI Listing, Legal Professionals, Audit and Certification, Winding Up, and Arbitration and Conciliation. The professionals listed on LACACO are experts in their respective fields, so as to provide you with the required advice in your Legal, Taxation and Statutory related needs.

Detailed Information of every Professional

We here at LACAO believe that "Right Information helps you make a better decision". Making the back-breaking task of finding the perfect professional to handle your issues a comfortable one, LACACO provides you with all the detailed information of the professional, their experience, their specialization, and fee for service they provide, making it easy for you to find the professional that fits your criteria and also the one who fits your pocket.

How to get Advice?

LACACO makes it easy to consult and hire best professionals in India. You can contact the professional of your choice by contacting the professional directly or book an appointment with the professional. To be precise, LACACO does not charge a single rupee for providing you the contact details of the professionals, and also if you book an appointment with them. We help you find the Professional that will guide you according to you need for FREE!


LACACO has a database of top notched Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries in India, adding further, you can also find the best professional in your city and hire accordingly. You can book an appointment and call the lawyer without any sign-up fee, which means hiring a professional who meets your criteria is absolutely FREE! Now.

It is believed by our young, dynamic and experienced team, that it is the need of the hour, to think about unique solutions for future problems. We dream, We structure the dream, We execute the dream, We are on a MISSION!